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Introducing the new Garage Magazine #12

Garage Magazine 12

100 glossy paper sheets with the best graffiti worldwide!

We’re proud to announce you the 12th issue of Garage Magazine, the magazine about visual amusement, featuring the freshest, most vicious, craziest artists and vandals worldwide.
In this new issue you’ll go deep into the FMK crew style secrets, while the infamous THE crew is celebrating his 10th birthday and Dmote is dropping bombs on the Aussie concrete and steel surfaces. Then, you’ll have to move between Ruedione’s photographic lens and the graphic skills going out Face and Jo Ratcliffe’s minds.

But this is just the beginning of this voyage, because the (Hand)Style guide volume 3 is right behind the corner: 32 pages of pure handstyle delight, a collection of street routines managed by Frisco’s most wanted vandal, Gusto, the Milan duo Bufer & Goldie and Cispeo from Paris.
Then articles, travels, discussions and loads of throwies, tags and bombs allover the world.
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Just exclusive articles and interviews with the best unseen photos!

Garage Magazine #12
A magazine about visual amusement

On the cover  
"When I started writers still had to know on which deodorants the right cap for outlines were."

FMK crew
Graffiti writing
"We actually love the seventies, for their fun and their freedom in general... "

THE crew
Graffiti writing
"The adventures and the nights spent together with my mates have made me understand how and how much people, no matter how different, can be united."

From the HandStyle Guide
"Dogg, I grew up in juvie jail, I'm not lyin' dude. Since age eleven to age fifteen I was in juvie hall."

Grog Ink

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