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Introducing the new Garage Magazine #13

Garage Magazine 13

100 glossy paper sheets with the best graffiti worldwide!

The hottest contents featuring TM/GSD crew from UK, the great shots from the photographer Sauli Sirvio, the American SWS crew, a special interview with Martha Cooper, Ven from RIS AOK, travelling together with Punk KCE in Denmark and with Dreph in Cape Town, the special project Megunica by Blu and his friends, (Train)Surfing Soweto and more...

The Graphic Guide: 32 pages of style featuring Remed, Graphic Drome, Stephen Harrington, Rick Klotz from FreshJive, Dan Funderburgh, Mr. Boleslav.
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Just exclusive articles and interviews with the best unseen photos!

Garage Magazine #13
A magazine about visual amusement

Megunica: Blu & friends

TM/GSD crew
Graffiti writing

SWS crew
Graffiti writing

Rick Klotz from Freshjive
From the Graphic Guide

Grog Ink

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