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Introducing the new Garage Magazine #8

Garage Magazine 8

A special edition, half normal Garage and half the (Hand)Style Guide, a deep focus on some of the best worldwide artists devoted to the roughest side of graffiti, tags and throw ups.
Present and past, Europe and America, style and bombing in 100 pages. In this issue you will find American graffiti writers as Ghost from NYC and José Parla, known as Ease form Inkheads; the street art section with Vasko from Chile and Herbert Baglione from Brasil; an eye on VTS crew from Vancuver, Canada.
The main special section is devoted to Chob and Enist, two of finest style in Italy with 10 pages full of photos and an exclusive double interview.
The exhibition section is well represented by the touring Scandinavian WOW gallery.
The photography section is devoted to Roger Gastman (USA) and Silvio Magaglio (France). As usual you can find a lot of painted trains and walls, too.

   Garage Magazine
   Double side edition
   2 covers

   Chob VS Enist
   The ultimate interview
   10 pages full of text & picturess

   Hot steels
   A selection of trains

   From Amsterdam with style

   VTS crew
   Vancouver handstyles

Grog Ink

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