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Delta INC

Interview by Charles Verhaeghe in occasion of exhibition at Alice Gallery, Bruxelles.

- From which part of the Netherlands are you: North or South? (I've heard there is a big difference in mentality between the two...)
I am from the North. Although not born in Amsterdam, I’ve lived there since I was 5 years old. I don't know if there’s such a big difference between the north and the south, maybe it’s more of a urban-rural difference?

- What does that make you: A catholic Roman, a Calvinist or a Dutch Reformist?
I wasn’t raised with a religion. But above the 'big rivers' (up north) I think they’re traditionally reformists... so that would have made me a reformist, right? Actually... I dont know.

- Well, forget about that anyway... I'd just like to better understand the various influences in your work: your art blends a whole lot of different media, from graf' and painting to 3D and video games. So let's begin with a little multimedia quizz:
What was the last book you read and who's your favourite author (if you have one)?

The last book I read was by Viktor Astafjev – The Emperor Fish. It’s about life in Siberia. Very impressive book.

- If you could take only 3 DVDs on a island (you know, like in "Lost"...), what would they be?
Army of the 12 monkeys.

- According to you, what is the best video game of all time?
I used to play quite a lot of arcade games. The only one I still play in Mame, is Commando. Sometimes Asteroids Deluxe, Defender, Aerofighters..
but the best three games, I’d have to say: Xevious (arcade) – for the sound!, Starcraft (pc) – it gave me rsi for the first time! and Advanced Wars (gba, ds) – which I’ve still been playing for three years!

- What music do you listen to while working (Or do you listen to any music at all while you're working?)
I listen to various music. Theo Parish, Maurizio, The Scientist, Delsin Records, Jeff Mills, the Clash, the Police, Carl Craig, Aphex Twins, Opgezwolle, J Dilla...

- What are the best comic books/manga series in your personal library?

When I was really small I would have said Gaston la Gaffe (Guust).. for his crazy inventions... After that Blueberry, Akira, Watchmen, Lobo and Alan Moore to name a few... Nowadays I dont read much comic books anymore.

- If you are into comic books, which super-hero/villain would you want to be?

- A last one for the road: what is the best skateboard trick you can pull?
Hahaha, I’ve never skated, breakdanced... or even rapped.

- Surfing on your website immediately gives the impression that you are a very productive person... Do you have any working discipline, or does it just "happen" and don't you have the impression you're actually "working"? Is discipline of any importance for an artist?
I do work, but it doesn't feel like a punishment at all. I feel miserable if I don’t work for more then a week. I always need a sketchbook while on holiday. It’s a srong drive.

- What would you do if you weren't doing what you're doing?
I would be making music.

- What/Who did you want to be as a kid?
I wanted to be an inventor.

- Today, more and more "street artists" are seeking legitimacy through art galleries or are just trying to pay the rent working as graphic designers...
What do you think of this "recycling" process? Do you have the impression it betrays a certain "underground culture"?
What is underground for you anyway? If you have the permission to spray a wall, is that still graffiti?

There is a balance. That balance is different for everyone. I sometimes do take on more 'commercial' jobs because they enable me to do what I like to do. They 'buy me time'...
If you are younger and just starting, you will take on more jobs because you are using these opportunities to gain experience, and make yourself a name. But at a certain point you may notice that sometimes people want to use your name for their own benefit. There is a balance somewhere in between. Trying not be used and still create enough working opportunities.
I think the same goes for the whole movement itself.

- Do you have the impression that this movement (graffers becoming artists) is bigger today than it was a few years ago?
Yes it certainly is. Although I’m not sure if the quality is getting specially better though, but the attention paid by the media definitely is.

- According to you, is it just a short-term phenomenon, a kind of fashion?
Media attention span is notoriously short. It will probably soon switch to something else.

- Have you already been caught while spraying a wall? And what happened?

In the past I’ve been caught numerous times. But that was a long time ago... I got some fines, had to pay some cleaning costs, nothing too serious luckily.

- These days, there’s a general urge to create new images in order to be seen in our ever-growing icon-based environment; Artists, but also brands...
This comes to a point where certain artists have become brands (OBEY, for example...) and brands are sponsoring artists...
What do you think of this phenomenon?

Personally I don’t find it very interesting. Most of the time, brands aren’t even interested in trying new projects, they want something that has proven itself in the past.

- Would you associate your work with a brand? Have you already worked for advertising purposes?
I have worked for brands and still do. It’s the ‘balance’ I was talking about. It does pay for the rent and helps me do the things I like to do. On the other hand, there are brands that are open for something different, although most of the time they’re small brands.
A nd then I think my name has become a sort of brand itself...

- Did you ask yourself these questions when you chose your "corporate" name?
Not at all... I chose my 'corporate' name when I was 14 years old. Back then I thought it was a 'cool' name. I still have to work with it nowadays.

- How many cigarettes did you smoke to get to the end of this quetionnaire?
lol. I quit smoking 7 years ago.

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More about Delta

Opening on the 14th December 2006 at 6pm

Exhibition from 15/12/06 till 21/01/07

Alice Gallery
182 Rue A. Dansaert

Opening hours : Tue - Sat 11.30am – 7pm

If you are interested in further info about Delta, please check his personal website www.deltainc.nl

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