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Dize (GT-VMD) - Warmstyle Dizaster book
Interview with the editor

- Dize is in the most famous crews in France, as GT, UV, TPK: how he has influenced his crew members and vice-versa?

Dize belongs to a lot of different crews from Paris and his suburb due to the fact he always painted with different people. The crew he created is VMD in the mid-nineties. The activity of UV and TPK crews is mostly based on vandal graffiti, bombing, and panting trains. This reflect perhaps the"dark side" of Dize graffiti. On a other side Dize entered the GT crew in 2001. He found in Gt an extroardinary source of inspiration cause they were practicing the kind of letters he was interessed in, classical but with modern shapes. The guys from Gt also get some inspiration from him.

- In the book Dize says:"Graffiti is free, like MP3 to download... help yourselves". Do you think this is the reason one of the main reasons of the graffiti phenomenon growing?

Not necessary. Graffiti is a leisure, a passion or a just game for kids it depends on how you practice it. Graffiti is just a new way of expression which mix the liberty of the drawing, the sport and the competition with the other. I think that one of the most important reason of graffiti phenomenon growing is the search of recognition in our societies. (look the development of reality-show on tv...)

- What should be the right adjective for Dize's production?

Eclectism should be the right adjective, but you can also speak of spontaneaous and energetic.

- The book presents a lot of years of graffiti: how did you choose the way of putting it together?

The book is build on three different parts: the first one is an historic which speak about his first years of graffiti in the early 90's to 2000. Some pictures are here to illustrate the text. The second part of the book present a panel of his productions from 00 to 04. We choose to focus on this period cause it was the most interesting with a lot of quality pieces. Our intention was not to make a biography like "Dize, his life, his complete works" but to show the best of his work on a certain period; Dize is young and a long course is waiting him; that's why we didn't want to do a book about his all graffiti carrier, it's just not the time for that. The last part is about his paper works; sketches, drawings, the way he build his lettrers.
The most difficult things was to choose the pieces. The one we wanted to bring to the front and the one we had to put away. I thing that the production part( his walls between 00 and 04 )represent only the half or the 1/3 of his work on those years. Dize have a very important production and never stop to paint or to draw.

- How important is, in your opinion, the media role for the graffiti society? How do you think books and mags help to make it growing?

Media have benefic and also bad . First example, one of the cause of the explosion of graffiti in the world is because the teenagers of the eigthies found "Subway art” in their bookstore.
Magazine and books are also a way to know what's going on in other places. In the other hand too much media, too much explication kill the magic thing in graffiti. Graffiti was like a secret world which was understood only by a few people. The pictures were something very rare and every graffiti was look with a great deference. Too much pictures, too much informations are not always positiv and we can see it easily today when we are force to establish that in general, the graffiti level is not going up since is begining. And you can ask every graffiti writer in the the world nothing's better that a whole car by SEEN from the early 80's. The best and interesting thing about books is to keep a trace of an ephemeral art. Like we say in latin "Verba volant, scripta manent”.

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available at www.graffitishop.it

Dize Warmstyle Dizaster is available at www.graffitishop.it

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