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Ghost (RIS-AOK) - exhibition at "The project in..
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'The Project in the Projects'
160 Madison Street, Apt. 11G
Lower East Side - NYC - USA
Saturdays and Sundays noon to 6 p.m. through August.

(...) Some 15 artists, including Kez 5, Ghost, NATO and VFR, contribute painted sculptures that double as ornaments and modular furniture.(...)

(...) But then, the "Project in the Projects" is as much about philosophy as it is about practicality. It is, in a sense, a 21st-century update on the kind of aesthetic domestic environment, at once harmonious and stimulating, envisioned by Mondrian. (...)

taken from NYTimes Art In Review, Friday 3 June 2005

photo gallery

If you want to know something more about Ghost, take a look at the exclusive interview on Garage Magazine #8.

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