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King Size book
A project about Tags, DIY-Craft & Subcultural Globalization
by Adams - Interview with the author

- How much time did you spend on King Size project?

On and off for about 4 years. Constructing the marker, travelling for taking pictures and then putting it together into a book...

- Which were the biggest problems you met in doing the book?

I don't know if there where any problems really. However, collecting all the cardboard and cutting it into 6000 pieces took quite some time.
Pure fun though...

- How did you choose the writers for the photo sections?

As i put it in the intro of the book; I've chosen to give them to writers that have certain individual qualities but mostly because of their notorious relationship to the activity itself.
I also wanted to have writers represented from different parts of the world to show how the writing culture has become a global phenomenon.

- Any future book project from you?

Yes indeed.
Books and 'zines.
Keep an eye open...


available at www.graffitishop.it

King Size is available at www.graffitishop.it

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