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Nasty & Slice - Artistes en cavale
Interview with Julien, one of the book's editor

How did you choose to put together, in the same book, those two writers, Nasty and Slice?

We choose to put them together because they had a long carrier in common. They have the same approach of the graffiti and letters. Both of them are practicing graffiti in the way it used to be done in New York streets. They call themselves the New York School of Paris. They privilegiate the practice of the illegal graffiti in the streets, on the subway and on the trains. They still paint together after fifteen years, They represent one the most famous graffiti team in France.

How different is the Nasty & Slice production if you compare it to the Dize's one, more involved in tags and throw ups ?

N&S are more involved in Hip-hop graffiti as it used to be practice on subway trains at the beginning of the movement. Their models are the people who built the graffiti history on subway during the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties, people from« subway art ». They want to continue this way of painting which is for them, the quintescence of the graffiti spirit. They love to do color pieces and block-letters while the are less involved in working technical throw-ups or very worked tags as Dize. Dize is perhaps more European and more modern in his approach, while Nasty and Slice are more classics.

Not everyone knows that this book was published in a special limited white edition: could you tell us something more about that?

Every edition of our books is published in a special limited white edition which is numerated from one to 99 and signed on the cover by the artists.This operation is realised in collaboration with « Album » a Paris book-store which sell the books.

Why did you choose this format for these series of books?

The horizontal format is easier to present graffiti walls or trains. It’s also a way to be different from the others books and to create our own visual identity.

Talking about Wasted Talent, the publisher of Nasty & Slice and Dize books, what is its history, who are behind it and what are future projects?

Wasted Talent is the graffiti section of an Edition house create in 2004 called « L’œil d’Horus » founded by Gautier Bischoff and I, Julien Malland both author of the book « Kapital », published in 2000. After the success of this book we decide to create our own edition house which permit us to have more liberty. Our next project is the publication of « After Eight8 », 312 pages of graffiti drawn on training pads by exclusively train writers from France, United States, Australia, and all over Europe. A future best-seller, I can tell you…

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