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Terrible T-Kid 170

Interview with T-Kid done in occasion of the book realease tour "The Nasty" in Milan at Eastpack store.

- You have been featured on several graffiti magazines all around the world, you became famous worldwide after the Subway Art book release, now you have your first solo book, "The Nasty". How this celebrity has changed your personal view of graffiti and why?

Well, first off I have to say I don't feel like a celebrity and my views on Graffiti are still the same, it is the oldest form of art known to man and it is the most powerful form of communication crossing all cultural and age barriers. Graffiti to me is what it always has been to me from when I first started, a form of expression. And I expressed myself on trains trucks walls and anything else I felt deserved my tag.

- What is the thing that impressed you more in these years of activity?

What has impressed me the most in all my years is how graffiti has evolved into this culture that has spread world wide. I have to say that I am proud of the fact that I am a pioneer in this culture, and I have deep respect for all those who paint and keep the movement alive.

- What is the thing you love more in graffiti? And what's the thing you hate more?

Wow these are good questions. What I love the most about graffiti is that you don't have to be a trained artist to be a graffiti artist you just have to have the desire to express yourself. Graffiti is true art. you don't express what a teacher teaches you. you express what you feel and is that not what art is suppose to be about?
What I don't like about graffiti is that fact that it is not accepted as art and it is viewed as childish vandalism. This is not true graffiti has been used since the beginning of civilization to express the feelings of the population at large toward any policies governments have bestowed on the people. Whether good or bad people have used graffiti to voice their opinions. So the negative stigma has been attached to graffiti since the beginning.

- Is there any objective real avant-garde in graffiti nowadays, in your opinion?

Hmmm.. Very good question. I have to say that the fact that big corporations are reaching out to graffiti artist to help promote their products shows you the power of graffiti as a communication tool. Graffiti is like air.. it is everywhere.. you stop it in one area ( like trains and walls) and it surfaces in other areas like television commercials and magazine advertisements. Graffiti the purest form of art cant be stoped or prevented.. What can be more advent-garde then that!

- Is there any "point of not return" in graffiti when a writer become a full time artist? Who is the person who helped you more in your personal artistic growth, both on trains and in galleries?

I have not experienced this point of no return yet.To me graffiti is my passion my love my world. But it is not a full time occupation I have a regular job so I can eat and my children can have what they need. I feel the reason I have not reached this point yet is because I di not jump at the chance to be a graff artist back in the mid 80s when the media decided to promote this street culture called hip hop. I saw all the fakes and phoney ass toys jump at the chance to sell out the art form and establish themselves as hardcore graffiti artist and are now world renowned artist and the truth be told. They were nothing but mere toys who might have painted a train or two. At this time I remained underground true to my roots as a graffiti writer never letting anyone know who I was.This is why after all these years did I decided to write a book so the world could know about the graffiti writer and not just pictures of pretty paintings.
My artistic growth on trains was inspired by all the writers before me like Phase2, Riff170,and all those dope ass old school mother fuckers who blazed the trail. On an individual bases I have to say Padre dos help me develop my style in letters and Tracy168 helped me with simple characters and composition.. As for canvases and gallery's I have to say life experience is my teacher.

book cover

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